PT. Dexa Energy as the authorized distributor of Ingersoll Rand presents Compressed Air Dryer and Air Filter. We understand that air quality is an important aspect of success in your air compressor system, as neglecting to handle compressed air can have a significant impact on your operations.

That’s why we’ve innovated a range of high-quality equipment and treatments for all your dryer needs, whether it’s a refrigerated, desiccant, zero purge to remove water content and heatless dryer system.

Our dryers are designed as a companion to perfecting your entire air compressor system, not only by ensuring high quality air but also by increasing productivity, efficiency and making the overall operation more manageable.

What is an Air Dryer and Air Filter ?

Air Dryer and Air Filter

Air dryer is a tool that serves to remove the water content in compressed air. This system is usually an integral part of the process with the compressor. The compressed air from the compressor will partly enter the storage tank and partly be dried using an air dryer.

While the Air Filter is an air filtering system that is used for filtering compressed air so that the slightest contamination does not get into your engine components.

How Does an Air Dryer and Air Filter Work?

Air Dryer and Air Filter Work

Compressed air is dried, and will experience a process of dew point reduction. The dew factor is the temperature value required to cool a certain amount of air, at constant pressure, so that the water vapor contained in it condenses.

The value of the decrease in dew factor depends on the specifications of the air dryer used and the needs of its consumption. Then the air will go through a filtering process, so that the air produced is cleaner and free from contamination with foreign particles..

Implementation of Air Dryer and Air Filter in Industrial

We understand very well that not every type of Air Compressor can fully accommodate your work and be eligible for your machine. Therefore we are from PT. Dexa Energy provides consulting services before you choose a product from us.

We have a team of certified technicians with decades of experience who are ready to help meet your needs regarding inquiries, consultations, installation and routine maintenance.

The use of dry air is much needed in large industries. That dry air, or commonly referred to as instrument air, is used as a source of actuator driving of valves and dampers (pneumatic actuators). In addition, in the telecommunications industry, compressed dry air is used to cover underground cables to avoid brief circuits due to the formation of condensate.

How to Choose Air Dryer and Air Filter

We understand very well that not every type of Air Dryer and Air Filter can accommodate your work. Therefore we are from PT. Dexa Energy provides consulting services before you choose a product from us.

Cycling-Refrigerated Dryers

Our range of Cycling-Refrigerated Dryers includes a wide variety of systems from our D-EC, which is capable of achieving optimal performance at a lower cost of ownership through its reduced energy consumption, our larger DA Series dryer, all the way to our high-pressure model, which is ideal for demanding applications such as PET applications. We also have our Nirvana range with varying cfm, including our large capacity system, which is equipped with a fully insulated thermal mass with a submerged evaporator – to maintain a cold well of propylene glycol-water to supply continuous ISO Class 4 quality air with a dew point of 38 degrees F.

Heatless Desiccant Dryers

Our heatless range consists predominantly of our innovative modular dryers, which are compact, fully integrated units that install at points of use, meaning you only pay for drying the air required and have the added benefit of easy maintenance. In addition, they produce ISO Class 2 dew point performance with the option of ISO Class 1 to eliminate the risk of corrosion, minimize production disruptions and losses due to moisture or contamination - making them the most efficient and flexible option on the market.

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

We at Dexa Energy have a variety of non-cycling models to satisfy your industry needs and standards due to our expert range of systems. Our non-cycling refrigerated dryers can be trusted to provide clean, dry compressed air for applications where moisture or contamination can cause system corrosion or damage to air-powered tools.

Externally Heated Desiccant Dryers 4.2-226 m3/min, 150-8,000 cfm

Heated Desiccant Dryers

Both our Externally Heated and Heated Blower Desiccant Dryers were designed with proven high-performance desiccant technology that delivers -40 degrees C pressure dew point air for critical applications. They also boast advanced pre-filter and after-filter processes that protect desiccant and downstream air from oil contamination and particulates.

Heat-of Compression (HOC) Dryers 420/3,680 m3/hr

Heat-Of Compression Dryers

We offer three variations of our Heat-Of-Compression dryers, varying in size, m3/hr and cfm. All of our models feature the most energy-efficient dual-tower, desiccant design technology available for oil-free applications. In addition, they are capable of recovering heat that is a natural by-product of the compression process to offset virtually all electricity costs (except running the controller)

Subfreezing Dryers

Subfreezing Dryers

Our SF Subfreezing dryers range from 360-420 m3/min and 212-247 cfm, ensuring flexibility and efficiency that translates seamlessly for any application. However, their low-temperature operation makes them ideal for systems that have piping or pneumatic equipment exposed to subfreezing temperatures by ensuring a safe, stress-free process.

F-Series Filters - Ingersoll Rand


We also offer our NL Module Coalescing filter and our F-Series filter, which have both been rigorously tested and engineered to reduce contamination, perform reliably and produce high-quality air consistently.


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