Centrifugal Air Compressor

PT Dexa Energy as the authorized distributor of Ingersoll Rand presents the Air Compressed System which is designed for reciprocating single-stage air compressors and two-stage air compressors to last a lifetime.

Quick and easy maintenance with renewable components. Easy access to pump components allows you to perform routine maintenance and replacement of parts such as individual cast cylinders, piston wear sleeves and 15,000 hour bearings with ease. Quick replacement of air compressor components can also save your start-up capital costs.

What is Centrifugal Air Compressor ?

Compressor is a device or machine that puts or increases the pressure of air or gas fluid. In order for the compressor to work, this tool usually uses a gasoline engine or diesel engine as the driving force.

A centrifugal compressor is a type of dynamic compressor, or turbo compressor, with a radial design. Unlike displacement compressors that work at a constant flow, dynamic compressors work at a constant pressure and the performance is affected by external conditions such as changes in inlet temperatures.

How Centrifugal Air Compressor Works?

Air is drawn into the core of a rotating impeller with radial blades and is pushed towards the core through centrifugal force. This radial motion of air outcomes in a strain upward thrust and the technology of kinetic energy. Before the air is led into the core of the impeller, the kinetic strength is additionally transformed into pressure by means of passing via a diffuser and volute.

Each stage takes up a phase of the average stress upward thrust of the compressor unit. Depending on the strain required for the application, a range of ranges can be organized in a sequence to acquire a greater pressure. This kind of multi-stage utility is frequently used in the oil and fuel and system industries. Alternately, in wastewater therapy plants, low pressure, single-stage functions are used to attain the favored stress ratio.

In present day configurations of centrifugal air compressors, ultra-high pace electric powered motors are used to pressure the impellers. This consequences in a compact compressor besides a gearbox and associated oil-lubrication system, for this reason making it oil-free and terrific for functions that require one hundred percentage oil-free air.

How to choose Centrifugal Air Compressor?

We understand very well that not every type of Reciprocating Air Compressor can fully accommodate your work and be eligible for your machine. Therefore we are from PT. Dexa Energy provides consulting services before you choose a product from us.

We have a team of certified technicians with decades of experience who are ready to help meet your needs regarding inquiries, consultations, installation and routine maintenance.

MSG TURBO-AIR Centrifugal Air Compressors

Our MSG TURBO-AIR solutions are designed for operations with limited or no supply of water available for cooling, as instead, it contains multiple air-cooled heat exchangers for its lubrication system and the different stages of discharged air.

The MaestroTM Universal control panel ensures easy operation by providing a built-in web server, allowing you to constantly monitor the compressor, making for a more controlled operation. The absence of oil-removal filters to clean and replace is only one of the features of this solution that makes its maintenance so easy and stress-free.

The benefit of an oil-less solution is that it also prevents any contamination within the system and limits the risk of any compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carryover. At Ingersoll Rand, our aim is to create the most efficient solution on the market, and we feel as though this is one of the many products able to satisfy your industry-specific criteria. Compared to other machines of a comparable capacity, this solution can operate at its highest level of efficiency at full load, part load and no-load – leaving you with little time to fall behind your competitors.

MSG Centac Centrifugal Air Compressor

Widely regarded as the most efficient and reliable air compressor on the market, this solution is easy to install, use and maintain. It’s high standard of efficiency is derived from its optimized components, such as its multi-stage compressors, which intertwine performance with energy-saving, and its advanced impeller design, which ensures maximum pressure control. Consistently throughout all models of our Centac centrifugal air compressor, you can expect superior design and high levels of reliability and durability, which ultimately results in lower cost of ownership. Part of this solutions’ superior design is its use of fewer parts within the system to create lower downtime and its innovative carbon ring seals, which effectively minimize air leakage, resulting in a clean, stress-free manufacturing environment.

At Dexa E, we were the first to be certified ISO 8583-1:2001 Class 0 and are proud to offer a solution that is oil-free, risk-free and market revolutionizing. These two new editions to our range have allowed us to expand our market coverage to higher pressure, higher flow and higher efficiency systems as well as process gas compression applications. As a company, we ensure superior components and quality with no exception and are globally backed due to our years of expertise and knowledge.


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