PT Dexa Energy as the authorized distributor of Ingersoll Rand presents the Air Compressor which is designed for oil flooded air compressors. Created using our design expertise, many of our screw compressors are available with variable speed drives and an intuitive user interface. At Dexa Energy, we not only provide world-class products and support, but also the peace of mind that comes from our commitment to stand behind our customers in all aspects of what we do.

Quick and easy maintenance with renewable components. Easy access to pump components allows you to perform routine maintenance and replacement of parts such as individual cast cylinders, piston wear sleeves and 15,000 hour bearings with ease. Quick replacement of air compressor components can also save your start-up capital costs.

What is Oil Flooded Air Compressor ?

Oil-flooded compressors have lubricated compression chambers and use air/oil separators to do away with the oil from the compressed air. However, as the oil collects, the oil can combine with the condensed water and reason troubles for different factors of your tools as it makes its way downstream and into your facility. Under ordinary circumstances, lubricants and hydrocarbons can additionally enter oil-free compressors in vapor states via the inlet air filter, however on a tons smaller scale than oil-flooded compressors.

The most frequent examples of oil-flooded compressors are oil-flooded rotary screw machines, lubricated reciprocating and rotary vane compressors. In most cases, producers of these compressors record oil carryover in components per million via weight (PPMw).

Consider a 200 HP oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor rated at one thousand Inlet Cubic Feet per Minute (ICFM). Most producers of this measurement and kind of compressor flood about eighty two Gallons per Minute (GPM) of lubricant into the compressor air quit (compression chamber) to seal and cool the compressor. The compressor producer have to then discover a way to separate most of this oil to decrease downstream oil contamination. Most producers declare that new oil-flooded screw compressors decrease downstream oil infection to two PPMw.

How Oil Flooded Air Compressor Works?

Basically the working principle of an air compressor is not much different from a car or bicycle tire pump. When the compressor piston is pulled up, the cylinder pressure at the bottom will drop below atmospheric pressure. As a result, outside air can enter through the suction valve gap. From here, the air enters the pump and is then compressed by the piston being pushed down. Because the air is compressed, the volume becomes smaller and flows to a place where the air pressure is lower.

The working system of a compressor is simply that atmospheric air is free to collect each other after its volume decreases and its pressure increases in the same period of time. Of course, the pressure bar setting on the compressor can be adjusted according to user needs. And basically the pressure bar specifications on the compressor vary according to needs.

In the compressor unit there is an automatic mechanism that closes the air entering the compressor tank when the highest pressure occurs. When the air contained in the compressor tank is used, the pressure level drops. When the pressure force drops to the lowest bar pressure setting, the mechanics automatically turn on, allowing air to enter the compressor tank atmosphere. Thus, the compressor sequence continues in the air

How to choose Oil Flooded Air Compressor

We understand very well that not every type of Oil Flooded Air Compressor can fully accommodate your work and be eligible for your machine. Therefore we are from PT. Dexa Energy provides consulting services before you choose a product from us.

We have a team of certified technicians with decades of experience who are ready to help meet your needs regarding inquiries, consultations, installation and routine maintenance.


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