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PT. Dexa Energy as the authorized distributor of Ingersoll Rand presents Power tools. We understand very well that the work will be completed quickly if it is supported by reliable tools. That’s why we’ve innovated a range of high-quality equipment that we call Power Tools.

Our Power Tools are designed as a companion to perfecting your entire working system, not only by ensuring high quality tools but also by increasing productivity, efficiency and making the overall operation more manageable.

What is Power Tools ?

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Power tools are a type of tool whose driving source is not human power but the driving force is obtained from electrical energy or power from compressed air (pneumatics). Without a source of power supply. Then the power tools cannot be used. The power source used to drive the power tools. Among other things is an electric motor that is sourced from an electric current. Motor dynamo sourced from battery current.

Internal ignition engine as well as compressed air. Another source of power to drive power tools is the power of the steam engine. Or direct combustion engines that use fuel. The use of powered equipment (power tools) in the work process in industrial workshops is very useful in terms of speeding up the work process, being more efficient in the use of time and human labor.

Implementation Of Power Tools

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Power tools are tools that are very supportive and easy in a job. It can save time and energy. This equipment is not operated manually like hand tools. Power tools are used to speed up a job.

There are lots of jobs that can be done. By using power tools. Among other things, drilling, screwing, pounding, grinding, cutting, shaving, sanding, and many more jobs that can be done. By using tools. Such as hand grinding machines, hand drilling machines, cutting/cut off machines, planer machines, cordless drilling machines/battery drills, sanding machines/sanders, demolution hammer machines, and others.

Our Power Tools


This type of power tool is used to install and remove nuts and bolts. As for the advantages of this bolting power tool, you don't have to bother with cables. Because it uses the battery as its main power source. We provides impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches and cordless tools.

Assembly Solutions

Used to support the assembly process of a component such as drilling, installing and removing bolts or nails and performing calibration. This power tool is also designed without cables, so it is very practical to use.

Surfaces Preparation

Power tools are very useful for smoothing the surface of the workpiece to a certain level of smoothness and cutting materials that will be used for industrial work processes. The types of power tools include sanders, polishers, grinders, cutting tools, buffers and hammers. The driving power source can use batteries and pneumatics.

Applied Power

These power tools which consist of barring motors, air motors and air starters are used to increase the propulsion power of a machine so that it works more optimally and saves electricity.

Construction Tool

Power tools are used to assist the construction process to facilitate and speed up the work process. Power tools of this type include jackhammer, rock driller, backfill tamper etc.


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